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Accelerating the transition of companies towards the adoption of AI

The Government of Quebec wants to propel Quebec companies towards the adoption of new, more efficient, more current and more competitive production methods through artificial intelligence (AI).

The opportunity:

This call for projects is aimed at all Quebec businesses and cooperatives, primarily SMEs and start-ups, wishing to carry out an innovation project for the development and commercialization of artificial intelligence technologies:

  • Maximum assistance of $ 150,000 per eligible partner company (including management fees)
  • Maximum assistance of $ 600,000 per project (up to 50% of eligible expenses) (maximum 4 eligible partner companies)
  • Minimum private contributions of 25% of eligible expenses
  • Each of the eligible partner companies must contribute to a minimum of 20% of eligible expenses
  • Maximum cumulative government expenditure percentage: 75% of eligible project expenses
  • Maximum project duration: 3 years
  • 5% of the budget should be reserved for program management fees, levied by InnovÉÉ

Do you have questions about this call for projects? Contact Yann Vuillermoz

As part of this call for projects, the InnovÉÉ team will support companies in collaboration with research centers in the various stages of setting up and carrying out their projects in artificial intelligence (AI), pursuing the following objectives:

  • improve the competitiveness of businesses through the adoption of AI
  • encourage collaborations between companies (of all sizes, including startups), as well as with the research and innovation communities to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence technologies in business communities and, by the very fact, in society
  • support structuring projects aimed at the mass adoption of AI in one or more sectors of the economy
  • support the realization of projects leading to significant and immediate economic benefits
  • ensure the development and consolidation of innovation efforts in the field of AI
  • contribute to the positioning of Quebec as a leader in the development of AI

SMEs, large companies (250 employees and more) and public research centers in all sectors of activity, with an establishment in Quebec, are eligible.

Eligible projects:

  • Collaborative research projects in artificial intelligence must be innovative and respond to industrial challenges
  • Eligible projects are those that highlight collaborative research in artificial intelligence carried out by a minimum of two Quebec SMEs or startups and including a service offer from a public research center representing a minimum of 20 % of eligible project expenses
  • The business combination must share the costs, benefits and intellectual property of the innovation project
  • For each eligible partner company, the project must provide for the hiring of a minimum of one intern per year
  • The costs associated with trainees may be included in the service offer of the public research center



La date limite de dépôt pour cet appel à projets est le 15 octobre 2021.

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