PARTENAR-IA Académique

Accelerating the transition of companies towards the adoption of AI

The Government of Quebec wants to propel Quebec companies towards the adoption of new, more efficient, more current and more competitive production methods through artificial intelligence (AI).

The opportunity:

This program is aimed at public research centers, en partenariat avec au moins une PME ou startup québécoise :

  • Financial aid dedicated to collaborative AI R&D projects
  • Maximum InnovÉÉ financial assistance of 500 000 per project (up to 40% of eligible expenses)
  • Cumulative rate of government expenses: 60 % of eligible expenses
  • Maximum project duration of 3 years

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  • To provide companies that design and use AI solutions with support at various stages of a product-, process- or service-related R&D project
  • Accelerate the completion of product-, process- or service-related innovation projects 
  • Help improve the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs 
  • To promote workplace learning, along with the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, through the integration of interns into the company
  • Support the training of qualified emerging professionals in keeping with the AI-related needs of every industrial sector

To be eligible, projects must highlight collaborative research in artificial intelligence and meet two criteria:

  • Be carried out by public research centers 
  • Être faits conjointement avec au moins une (1) PME ou une (1) startup.
  • Partner companies, cooperatives or NPOs must contribute to the financing of research projects for a minimum of 40% of eligible project expenses
  • Up to 50% of the business contribution can be made in kind upon presentation of supporting documents 
  • Municipalities, public bodies or various levels of government can intervene in projects as OTHERS contributors, in addition to private partnerships, subject to not combining two (2) distinct financial interventions from the MEI on the same project (example: combining one assistance from the Innovation Program and assistance from the PSO)

La prochaine date de clôture de cet appel à projets est le 15 juillet 2022.

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