Mission and objectives

Our Mission

InnovÉÉ’s mission is to support the development and funding of collaborative projects relating to the electricity industry, smart grids, transportation electrification and intelligent vehicles by pooling the expertise and resources of industrial partners and research institutions.

Pour réaliser sa mission, InnovÉÉ offre un accompagnement complet et un accès à des subventions pour des projets de R-D portant sur le développement de nouvelles technologies associées à :

  • Transportation electrification (land, rail and sea)
  • Autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems
  • Methods for making vehicles lighter
  • Power generation (hydraulic, solar, wind, etc.)
  • The optimized transmission, distribution, storage and use of electricity

Our Objectives


To help strengthen Quebec’s electricity innovation ecosystem


To support partner companies in their research and innovation activities


To facilitate job creation and training of highly qualified personnel


To help promote Quebec research institutions internationally

Why collaborative research?

The collaborative research projects that we can support involve the participation of at least one industrial partner, collaborating with at least one academic research centre (university, CCTT or public research centre). InnovÉÉ’s financial assistance can cover up to 40% of project costs. Industrial partners must make a cash contribution for a minimum of 20% of the project, and the balance can be supplemented by federal funding, for example.

Because collaborative research is an increasingly popular tool for companies around the world:

  • It allows participants to access and leverage the sector’s collective multidisciplinary intelligence
  • It reduces the cost of R&D (economies of scale, pooling of resources, state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, etc.)
  • It reduces the risk of R&D (sharing of costs and benefits)
  • It encourages the training of highly qualified personnel, as well as their recruitment by industrial partners
  • It helps to develop relationships and business opportunities between industrial partners

Learn more about our results

We are proud of our projects. See the complete list of our results.

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